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Student Council


RHS Student Council Annual Valentine Sale


  • $3.00 for pop, candy (Hugs and Kisses).
  • $2.00 each Carnation Flower (Hot Pink)

Order just pop and candy and you can order just flowers. Items will be delivered at RMHS and LIE on February 12th. ORDERS DUE FEB 8th At noon.

You can order online by sending an email to  You can send the money to the school in an envelope with your student or dropping it off at the school office and the secretary will get it to the student council. If you choose to send the money in an envelope it needs to have the student's name, grade, to and from, and what you would like on or in the envelope. All checks need to be made out to the RHS student Council.

(pop choices are: Rootbeer, Mt Dew, Dr. Pepper, and 7-Up)